Muhammad Ali loses to old woman

Monday, March 06, 2017

Muhammad Ali is the greatest fighter of all time who accomplished so much over the course of his life both in and out of the ring. Not only did he possess tremendous physical gifts inside the ring, but outside he had a one of a kind personality that we get a glimpse of in the following video.

This video from YouTube channel ‘Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas’ shows Muhammad Ali himself mixing it up with an old woman then an old man and they end up making a fun show out of it for the German fans in attendance.

You really get to see in this video that despite all the fame and success Ali had, he didn’t let it get to his head. He clearly didn’t take himself very seriously when not fighting for real and possessed a great sense of humor.

When squared off against the old woman Ali was all defense and simply moved away until she ‘dropped’ him. But against the old man he threw some offense at him not really to try to hit him but just to give a taste of what it would be like to fight Ali for real.

Towards the end of the video a couple of younger goofballs decide to take a shot at The Greatest and try to show off a little in there, much to the crowd’s delight. It really shows what a great guy Ali was that he didn’t just smack these guys but he handled it like a pro and had fun with the whole thing.

Steve Lott is the COO and director of the Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas which is dedicated to the legends of the sport. BHOFLV inducts fighters only. The BHOFLV owns and controls the exclusive Hall of Fame rights, world-wide, to the $75 million dollar Disney ESPN Classic fight film and tape library. It is this incredible library that is featured here on youtube. [Source: YouTube]

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