Muhammad Ali’s grandson following in grandfather’s footsteps

Saturday, April 07, 2018

When your grandfather is Muhammad Ali, arguably the greatest boxer of all-time, it’s needless to say, you’ve got some pretty damn big shoes to fill.

While you may get a bit of a marketing boost and some extra attention, particularly at the beginning of your career, you will always be compared to him and, to be frank, you will very likely never even come close to accomplishing what he accomplished.

Nevertheless, in the video below, we see the grandson of ‘The Greatest’, Muhammad Ali, who’s named Nico Ali Walsh, compete in an amateur boxing bout and while he definitely gets the job done, there isn’t much resemblance between him and his grandfather, both in terms of skill and appearance.

Muhammad Ali's grandson Nico Ali Walsh following in grandfather's footsteps
Muhammad Ali’s grandson Nico Ali Walsh following in grandfather’s footsteps

Though, at the beginning of one’s career, particularly in amateur fights, it’s not quite fair to judge someone entirely as a lot of progress can still be made. But, still, though, you can usually tell, even in amateur fights, whether or not someone has what it takes to reach a high-level.

Instead of using the beautiful footwork, technique, speed, and just the athleticism that his grandfather possessed, Nico simply goes right at his opponent like a brawling-type street fighter almost with not much technique behind it.

Though, as previously stated, this kid is just starting out and is still very young so a lot of progress can definitely still be made as long as he’s putting the right work in and training with the right coaches. He just has such a huge shadow looming over his head which can be both good and bad in some ways.

Like previously mentioned, it’s good in terms of the attention he’s getting but he will always be compared to his grandfather and, unfortunately, will probably never quite live up to the expectations people have for him.

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