Mystery man performs CRAZIEST speed bag routine ever

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

In this very cool video from YouTube channel Fight Hub TV, we see one of the craziest speed bag routines you’ll ever see. Not only is the speed bag routine itself insanely impressive (which it is), but what’s almost more impressive is that this so-called ‘mystery man’ doesn’t appear to be a well-known professional boxer or fighter, so how did he get so damn good on the speed bag?

The mystery man in this video is named Zach Ruffo, also known by his nickname of Speed Bag Skunk. He has quite a few videos online of his insane speed bag workouts as well as general fitness. It also looks like he has a background in Muay Thai and may have even competed as an amateur.

What’s cool about the speed bag routine in this video is just how fast the man’s hands are and how great his timing is. What’s also very cool is how he mixes in elbow strikes too which again lends credence to a background in Muay Thai.

While this video is obviously highly impressive, the effectiveness of speed bag training is kind of questionable in the fight world. While many old school boxing trainers still use the speed bag and say it is great for developing rhythm and timing, many in the MMA training community and kickboxing don’t agree with those claims. If you don’t punch like that in an actual fight, what good is it to practice that way?

Nevertheless, regardless of the speed bag’s effectiveness, you’ve got to admit this man’s hands are crazy fast and his timing is amazing, just watch the video below and find out for yourself.

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