Old man boxer LIGHTS UP much younger opponent in sparring

Monday, March 12, 2018

In fighting and in martial arts and just in life in general, you should never judge a book by its cover nor should you ever underestimate an opponent and we see a very good example of that here in this video.

In this sparring session, we see an older man who looks to be in his 60s take on a much younger and larger opponent but it doesn’t play out like you would expect.

Going by looks alone, you would assume that this old guy is probably going to get hurt and it looks almost as if someone’s dad or uncle wandered into the boxing ring by mistake.

But, there is something about his smile before the round even starts that hints that this is no ordinary old man, and when they start moving around and throwing punches, you can tell right away – this man can box!

Old man boxer LIGHTS UP much younger opponent in sparring
Old man boxer LIGHTS UP much younger opponent in sparring

The old man, who is speculated to be Ernesto Bergamasco, allegedly boxed in the Olympics for Italy in the 70s before moving on to coaching as many aging fighters tend to do.

If he looks somehow strangely familiar to you, there may be a reason for that. A similar video of this guy went viral a couple of years back where he absolutely destroyed another young fighter who was foolish enough to get in the ring with him.

What made that particular video so charming I reckon is that the old guy was wearing a cute striped sweater, just like you would expect an old man/grandpa type to wear.

When he starts throwing punches, however, he looks nothing like a typical harmless old man. He has a pretty unique and brutal fighting style to him too. Very ‘European’ with a lot of power as well as wide, looping-type punches that clearly do a lot of damage, as we can see in the above video.

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