Olympic boxer plans to become ‘Deadliest MMA Fighter In The World’

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The original base for MMA was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Now wrestling is the dominant base for most, but the possibilities have radically widened, and boxing is an integral part of most fighter’s games. And for some, like former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm, boxing is the dominant base.

Now two-time national boxing champion Danyelle Wolf has announced a desire to enter MMA, and intends to become the deadliest MMA fighter in the world. She had hoped to fight in the Rio Olympics.

“There are 10 weight classes for women and only three of the 10 get to go to the Olympics,” said Wolf to Kyle Symes for WSoF.com. “Unfortunately, my weight class isn’t one of those so I won’t be able to compete. There were rumors that they would add mine in 2020 but I didn’t want to wait until then.”

“I always felt kind of held back in boxing. I wasn’t always able to use all of my athletic skills in boxing. That’s why I was drawn to MMA because I can use all of my athleticism with the kicks, the wrestling and the jiu-jitsu.”

“Doing this crossover to MMA is almost like second nature to me. The kicking and body motions feel like I’m playing soccer. Except I’m kicking some person’s head in.”

Wolfe has worked with Rafael Cordeiro at King’s MMA in Huntington Beach, California, Master Yod at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand, and the Diaz brothers in the 209. She also recently won a gold medal at the IBJJF World Championship in the white belt division.

“I’m not worried about anything except training my ass off to be the deadliest fighter in the world,” said Wolf. “The only thing that matters is being a weapon and winning… It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. You don’t just throw it down. You work on this corner, work on that corner, work some in the middle and then eventually it becomes a big picture.”

Highly mediagenic, Wolf was selected for ESPN’s Body Issue. Here is a behind the scenes look at the shoot.

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