Ordinary people try to punch pro-boxer in the face

Monday, January 02, 2017

A professional boxer put his chin on the line when he challenged ordinary members of the public to try and punch him in the face.

The passers-by were encouraged to try and hit Thoo as many times as they could above the neck within a 45 second period.

The fighter in question was Jon Thoo, who was born in the UK, but has since become a resident of Malaysia, where he runs his own gym in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Undefeated in four professional boxing bouts and having also tested himself in the mixed martial arts cage, Thoo was well qualified for the task at hand.

In fact, so confident was Thoo in his own abilities that he didn’t wear headgear or a mouthpiece, despite taking on men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

That self-belief was well founded as it soon became clear that Thoo’s footwork and head movement were going to be too much for the non-fighters to deal with, as they all consistently hit nothing but fresh air over the course of the challenge.

”Obviously my opponent is well versed in avoiding punches, and certainly that would be some good training to have,” one out-of-breath man admitted after his failed attempt to knock Thoo’s block off.

”He’s fast, it’s hard to hit him, his movement is smooth” a heavier set guy concluded. “It grew more and more challenging. It made me angry when I couldn’t hit him!”

The challenge was inspired by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is known as one of the best defensive fighters in the history of the sport and has perfected the art of not being hit during his unbeaten 49-0 career.

Trained fighters can make defensive techniques like this look easy against an unskilled opponent, but it takes time and practice to develop the skill, reflexes and awareness necessary to pull this off on a consistent basis, so don’t try to copy this challenge at home!

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