Pro boxer Hughie Fury sparring world’s strongest man Eddie Hall

Monday, September 04, 2017

Size definitely matters when it comes to fighting but there is such a thing as being too big and skill can and usually does overcome size even when there is a large discrepancy.

In this recently posted video we see undefeated professional boxer, Hughie Fury, sparring the 2017 World’s Strongest Man winner, Eddie Hall, and it is pretty interesting while it lasts.

Eddie Hall has been known to dabble in boxing in the past but when you are 400lbs you are not going to have the mobility or speed required to hang with a pro boxer like Hughie Fury.

We see in the video that while Eddie Hall is certainly a massive, strong guy (technically the strongest in the world, currently), size and strength can only take you so far and with all due respect his boxing technique is quite amateurish based on this video.

Instead of looking to cut the ring off, Hall is chasing Fury around the ring and Fury effortlessly moves out of the way of Hall’s shots and lands a few good ones of his own.

As previously mentioned, Hall has dabbled with boxing previously but if he wants to improve he probably has to lose some of that mass he carries around. However, if he’s just having fun with it and just doing it for cardio purposes, that is a different thing altogether.

Hughie Fury is currently undefeated as a professional at 20-0 and is well-known for being the cousin of heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. Much like his cousin Tyson, Hughie comes from Irish Traveler heritage and fighting is a very important part of that culture.

Strongman Eddie Hall achieved greatness in his chosen sport this year when he won the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition in Botswana. He also currently holds the world record for the deadlift which is an incredible 1,102.3 lbs.

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