Shane Fazen from fightTIPS spars pro boxer Chris Algieri

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The difference in ability between a high-level professional boxer and your average untrained Joe is something that many people fail to realize.

Even just an amateur boxer, or even a lower level pro will still box circles around someone who has never competed or even just trained in boxing.

In this video from martial arts YouTube channel fightTIPS we see what happens when a very high-level pro boxer, Chris Algieri, spars someone who is not a professional, though he clearly still has some ability.

Though his sparring partner, Shane Fazen from fightTIPS, is not quite at his level he does still clearly have some training under his belt and perhaps may have even competed as an amateur. He is certainly not unskilled and definitely hangs with Algieri here which is an impressive feat for a non-pro.

Shane does a good job defensively here and keeping himself out of trouble but still, you can tell from Algieri’s movement and technique that he is the much superior fighter here and he lands the better shots in this fun sparring session.

Algieri rose to prominence when he defeated the tough as nails Ruslan Provodnikov via unanimous decision for the WBO junior welterweight title in June of 2014.

Following his win over Provodnikov, he challenged all-time great Manny Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight title but dropped a decision to him.

In his next bout, Algieri challenged Amir Khan but this time for the WBC Silver welterweight title, again losing by unanimous decision.

Since those big name fights, Algieri has gone 1-1 but despite the career setbacks, Algieri is still a high-level professional boxer with a lot of skill and ability which we see on display in the video below.

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