‘The Drunken Master’ Emanuel Augustus – the best boxer you never heard of

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Emanuel Augustus, also known as ‘The Drunken Master’, is a boxer who had a very unique, one of a kind style that we get a glimpse of in the following video.

Though he doesn’t have the name recognition of many other fighters and his record isn’t very impressive (38-34), Augustus still gave a lot of high-level fighters problems with his unique style and even won the IBA light welterweight title in 2004.

He even fought pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. and in a 2012 interview, Mayweather stated that Augustus was the toughest opponent he had ever faced in his career. That mean’s a lot coming from a boxer the caliber of Floyd Mayweather.

Though his ‘drunken’ style showboating may just look like horsing around, there is most definitely a strategy involved. Much like in several styles of drunken Chinese kung fu, moving in such a way makes you more unpredictable and can be used to fluster opponents.

It can also be used to goad your opponent into attacking when you want him to or when you have something else up your sleeve.

Still there most certainly is some showmanship aspect to his style as well, which drew the ire of many officials who would frequently deduct points from Augustus that would end up costing him on the scorecards.

Emanuel Augustus is an American former professional boxer who fought out of Brownsville, Texas. He faced top level competition throughout his career, winning the IBA light welterweight title in 2004. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Augustus grew up in Louisiana and boxed out of Baton Rouge. He recently resided in Brownsville, Texas, and boxed at Grechy’s Pound 4 Pound Gym located in Sydney, Australia for a brief period of time. Currently, after getting shot in a random shooting and recovering, Augustus lives with his sister in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During a 2012 interview with boxing expert Dan Rafael, Floyd Mayweather Jr. stated Augustus was the toughest opponent he had faced in his career. [Source: Wiki]

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