Friday, March 04, 2016

On June 14th, 1894, Mike Leonard took on Jack Cushing in a six round back-and-forth boxing contest that made history by being the first boxing bout (and possibly the first fight of any kind) to ever be recorded on film.

The film itself once complete reached a total length of 730 feet long but with the duration of the film only being 6 minutes, a minute per round.

You can see there are many differences in the style of how they fought back then as opposed to now.

The first recorded boxing match
The first recorded boxing match

Without having the incredible gloves that technology today allows us to, the fighters were forced to throw more shots to the body out of fear that they may break their hands. You might even notice the fighter in white’s “cheeky” trunks, something that you certainly won’t be catching Mayweather or GGG in anytime soon.

In the background, five fans lean on the ropes looking into the ring. The referee is to the left; like the fans, he hardly moves as two fighters swing roundhouse blows at each other. Mike Leonard, in white trunks, is the aggressor; in black, Jack Cushing stands near the edge of the ring, warily pawing the air as Leonard comes at him. A couple of punches land, but the fighters maintain their upright postures. [Source: IMDB]

About the History of Boxing:
Boxing is one of the most popular games, especially in Europe and the Americas. Legends like Muhammad Ali, Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Benny Leonard, Mickey Walker along with many stars have brought worldwide fame and recognition to the sport.

It is believed that In Ancient Rome, the boxing fighters were usually offenders and slaves. They played the game to win and gain independence. However, facts also point to free men fighting for competition and the spirit of sport. Eventually, Augustus is known to have banned fighting.

It is also said that in 500 A.D. Theodoric banned the sport, owing to its popularity and growing distraction caused in public life. [Source: HistoryOfBoxing]