The hidden genius behind The Simpsons boxing episode

Thursday, November 16, 2017

FOX’s ‘The Simpsons’ is the longest-running American sitcom as well as longest-running American animated program and was way ahead of its time in many ways. If it wasn’t for The Simpsons, there probably wouldn’t be shows like Family Guy or South Park around today.

For many of us, watching The Simpsons was a big part of our childhood, even though most of the jokes went over our head as kids.

In this video from Boxing Legends TV, we find out some hidden layers to the classic Simpsons’ episode where Homer becomes a boxer that included a ton of references to real-life boxing that, like many of the jokes, went way over our heads as kids.

The episode, entitled ‘The Homer They Fall’, revolves around a plot where Homer discovers he has a rare medical condition that makes it impossible for him to be knocked out. Needless to say, that would definitely come in handy in boxing, which, prompted by bartender and shoe regularly, Moe Syzlak, Homer takes up.

The hidden genius behind The Simpsons boxing episode
The hidden genius behind The Simpsons boxing episode

As previously mentioned, the episode is chock-full of various boxing references, including the very title of the episode itself which is a reference to a 1956 boxing film entitled ‘The Harder They Fall’ starring film legend Humphrey Bogart is his final role.

Some of the more obvious references include Homer’s fighting style where he lets opponents hit him to tire them out. Sound familiar? It’s very similar to Muhammad Ali’s ‘rope-a-dope’ tactic which he famously used against George Foreman. Yet, Ali obviously had way more finesse to it than Homer.

Another obvious one involves the plotline of the episode where Homer, a local fighter, gets a shot against the heavyweight champion of the world, Drederick Tatum (who’s clearly based on Mike Tyson). This is obviously a reference to the first Rocky movie where Rocky gets a one in a million shot against the champion, Apollo Creed.

There were also a few other references to Rocky such as the training sequence as well as some others, too; additional classic boxing films that you can find out in the above video.

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