Two guys with no experience train as fighters for 30 days – then FIGHT

Friday, January 19, 2018

Competing in combat sports, be it at the amateur or professional level, should usually be the culmination of years of hard work under the tutelage of trainers who know what level you are at and when you are ready to compete.

Sometimes, though, people rush into competing too quickly without putting the proper training time in and, needless to say, it usually doesn’t go so well for them.

In this video from YouTube channel BuzzFeedBlue, we see someone with ZERO fight experience train as a boxer for 30 days, culminating in a fight against his friend with similar experience.

2 guys with ZERO experience train to become fighters in 30 days
2 guys with ZERO experience train to become fighters in 30 days

Now, usually, 30 days is nowhere near enough time to get someone ready to compete in combat sports as a fighter. In this case, however, his opponent is of similar experience and is undergoing roughly the same amount of training so it’s not all that crazy.

We see in the video, one guy, named TJ, takes to training pretty well, but the other guy, Patrick, has a hard time with it and is clearly not a natural fighter. Upon starting, he cannot even perform a single pushup which also means he is in very poor physical condition.

Both guys experience some injuries during the 30 days process which really comes as no surprise. Upon starting any sort of new fitness or training program, you really should ease into it, especially if you have no previous experience or aren’t in very good shape.

These guys made the mistake of going too hard, too fast however and both paid the price with injuries – TJ with the knee injury and Patrick with a rib injury and various other aches and pains.

Most people are counting Patrick out prior to the fight as he is the less athletic of the two. Watch the video below to see who comes out on top after training to be a fighter for just 30 days.

While both guys clearly aren’t at the level where they should be competing yet, who ends up winning may surprise you. Check out the above video to see for yourself.

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