Tyson Fury vs Kid Galahad – when a heavyweight spars a featherweight

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Size definitely matters when it comes to fighting and there’s a reason why there are weight classes, but it is still sometimes fun to see how things play out when there’s a huge difference in size.

In this video, we see what happens when a featherweight boxer, Kid Galahad, spars against the former heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, who is also a very large heavyweight at that.

Tyson Fury won the heavyweight title back in November of 2015 in an upset over the longtime reigning champion, Wladimir Klitschko. While the fight was somewhat of a stinker, mostly due to Fury’s awkward style and Klitschko being far too hesitant, it is still a win on Fury’s record and for the time being, he was officially the best heavyweight boxer on the planet.

Tyson Fury vs Kid Galahad - when a heavyweight spars a featherweight
Tyson Fury vs Kid Galahad – when a heavyweight spars a featherweight

Following the fight Klitschko fight, though, Fury fell on some hard times and has since openly talked about his struggles with both mental illness and substance abuse (as well as quite a drastic weight gain).

However, judging by his recent online posts as well as this sparring video, it looks like he’s trying to mount a career comeback which would be cool to see.

So check out the below video to see what happens when a featherweight boxer spars with a huge heavyweight, who happens to be the former world champ. Plus, the featherweight ends up getting a little help.

Tyson Luke Fury (born 12 August 1988) is a British professional boxer. In 2015 he won the unified WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO, Ring magazine and lineal heavyweight titles, after defeating long-reigning world champion Wladimir Klitschko. The victory earned Fury Fighter of the Year and Upset of the Year awards by The Ring. He was subsequently stripped of the IBF title later that year for being unable to grant a fight against their mandatory challenger, Vyacheslav Glazkov, due to agreeing to a rematch with Klitschko. In 2016, Fury vacated the WBA, WBO, IBO, and lineal titles following a medical investigation and personal issues, and two cancellations of the Klitschko rematch. In 2018, following more than two years of inactivity, The Ring stripped him of his last remaining title. In August 2016, Fury was ranked by BoxRec as the world’s sixth-best active boxer, pound for pound. [Source: Wiki]

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