UFC veteran Shonie Carter vs. bare-knuckle boxing champion – BRUTAL

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shonie Carter is an old school UFC veteran who is perhaps best known for knocking out Matt Serra with a brutal spinning back fist all the way back at UFC 31 in 2001.

Known by his moniker of ‘Mr. International,’ Shonie has fought all over the world throughout his 90 fight MMA career including the UFC, Bellator, Pancrase, as well as in the WEC where he was the welterweight champion.

In the video below that was posted recently, we see Shonie Carter pursue another title as he fights Irishman Jimmy Sweeney but this time in the world of bare knuckle boxing for the middleweight title.

Now a lot of times in the world of bare knuckle boxing, many fighters are a bit lacking in the skill department. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with this Jimmy Sweeney fellow who appears to be quite skilled despite his unorthodox, hands down style.

Shonie Carter isn’t the only UFC fighter he’s fought either. He recently fought former UFC fighter Cody Mackenzie in a bare knuckle match and he dominated the fight, finishing Mackenzie in brutal fashion.

The UFC veteran Shonie Carter, who’s 45, doesn’t do as bad as Cody Mackenzie did but still gets worked over and loses pretty convincingly here to Jimmy Sweeney. The decision loss makes him the second UFC fighter Sweeney has beaten under bare knuckle boxing rules which despite the different rules is still an impressive feat.

Mearion Shonie Bickhem III (born May 3, 1972), better known as Shonie Carter, is an American mixed martial artist who has competed in the Welterweight, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. He is a former WEC Welterweight Champion, a UFC veteran, and a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 4 reality show. He has also competed in Pancrase, King of the Cage, M-1 Global, KSW and Bellator. He is known for his flashy dress, colorful vocabulary, outlandish personality and use of the spinning backfist in competition. Following coming back from retirement, Carter currently fights in the Welterweight division though his last fight took place in Coventry in the sport of Bareknuckle boxing, Carter lost after 5 rounds via decision to Irelands Jimmy Sweeney the BKB middleweight king. [Source: Wiki]

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