Watch Manny Pacquiao smash pads with Freddy Roach on a GoPro camera

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Manny Pacquiao is known for his humility, his gentle demeanor and his lightning fast hand speed.

Pacquiao carries a mythical left hand. Wrapped in it’s Cleto Reyes armor, he uses it to land dream-inducing power shots, embedded in seemingly never ending punch combinations. Paired with an uncanny ability to dart in-and-out of striking distance, this Filipino boxer deploys a Shotokan-Karate version of the Mexican fighting style in the ring. What is normally a stalking, seek-and-destroy strategy, is adapted to feature instances of blinding foot speed and sharp angles.

Witness the onslaught from the vantage point of the victim, via a Go Pro attached to Pacquiao’s longtime trainer and mentor, Freddie Roach. Starting at time 1:15.

Watch Manny Pacquiao smash pads with Freddy Roach on a GoPro camera
Watch Manny Pacquiao smash pads with Freddy Roach on a GoPro camera

The training session captured in the video took place within the hallowed walls of the Wild Card Boxing Club in preparation for the Filipino’s fight against the (at the time) WBO Welterweight Champion, Jessie Vargas. The dismantling of the orthodox footed, Olympic 27-year-old opponent is being meticulously rehearsed in the video. At 1:30, the Pacquiao-Roach duo is drilling a jab-cross-hook combination that seeks to allow the Filipino to move laterally to Vargas’ left by ducking underneath a presumable left hand counter punch thrown by the American opponent.

The video is also a testament to Freddie Roach as a trainer, at 1:34 he catches Manny taking a split-second break, and spurs him on with a “come on, let’s go”. For a boxer known for his limitless conditioning, a consistently high level of intensity in training is a key contributor to maintaining this physical advantage.

Let it not be forgotten that the absurd hand and foot speed displayed in the video is that of a full-time politician. Senator Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao has been a member of the Philippine House of Representatives since June, 2010. The Vargas bout being his first fight as a “part-time” boxer, gave him an opportunity to experiment fitting the necessities of a world championship caliber training camp, with the duties of a senator. The solution was to do strength & conditioning at six in the morning, before donning the suit and tie, followed by three hours of boxing training and sparring with Freddie Roach. [Source: ESPN]

Pacquiao went on to win that fight via unanimous decision (118-109, 118-109, 114-113). Knocking Vargas down with a left hand in the 2nd round. The fight served as a proof that Pac-Man still carries a heavy punch and that father time cannot yet claim a loss on his illustrious boxing career. Should he continue to enter the ring, his opponents better be weary. Pacquiao may be getting old, but nobody told his hands.

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