Worst boxing match stoppage of all time

Friday, September 22, 2017

Boxing is a tough sport. Like, really tough. We’ve all heard countless stories about fighters being too tough for their own good and ending up getting battered beyond what’s reasonable, or outright dying from the aftermath of the fight. This is something that has plagued the noble art of boxing for decades and although the referees aren’t the only culprit some of them definitely deserve a share of the blame.

Unlike MMA, boxing is way tougher for you if you’re hurt in a fight. You can’t turn your back to your opponent. And you certainly can’t grapple. So what’s left for you if your opponent is badly dominating you? Not much, besides grinding on your mouthpiece and hoping to weather the storm. If you protect your head your foe will target your body, and vice-versa. Either way, you’re into very deep waters unless your cornermen are wise enough to realize you’re not getting out of this and throw in the towel.

Unfortunately for boxer Allen Clarke, his corner apparently didn’t consider that as an option.

The following is the ending of the fight between Allen Clarke and Dickly Eklund that took place in 1981. The latter is most known for his legendary bout against Sugar Ray Leonard and for being Micky Ward’s half-brother, a pair that has been the source of inspiration for the (very good) movie The Fighter.

This is the worst stoppage of all time
This is the worst stoppage of all time

Eklund is badly battering Clarke. The latter can’t endure any more of this and is done. That’s where the referee should’ve intervened… but he didn’t. Clarke goes on to eat no less than ten power punches, each heavier than the last one.


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