YouTuber fights bloodthirsty pro boxer in the ring

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Youtube star Peter Bamforth got in way over his head when he agreed to fight a professional boxer in the ring earlier this year.

Hailing from England, Bamforth has well over 120,000 subscribers and 20 million views on his YouTube channel, which sees him take on challenges suggested by his viewers.

Taking inspiration from Conor McGregor’ professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, Bamforth decided to get into the ring despite having no previous experience of fighting.

For the challenge, Bamforth headed to the Gumshield Boxing Gym to take on Chas ‘The Bomb’ Symonds, a former British Masters champion with 36 fights on his record.

This all sounded like a recipe for disaster, but to make matters worse for Bamforth, Symonds seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and was genuinely fired up to prove that the YouTuber didn’t belong in the ring with him.

The challenge dictated that the winner would be the first to land 20 headshots, with Bamforth being given a headstart of 10 due to his inexperience.

Right from the opening bell, Symonds took no prisoners as he blasted Bamforth flush in the face with a left hand that instantly wiped the smile of his face, with a further two more headshots landing before he hit the canvas.

”Oh my god!” Bamforth exclaimed as sat in a daze with blood leaking from his nose.

Symonds laughed and helped him to his feet, but when the foolish decision was reached to let them continue, ‘The Bomb’ was immediately swinging for the fences like he was in a world title fight, flooring Bamforth with a left hand.

Remarkably, Bamforth kept getting to his feet as he was repeatedly dropped, and Symonds kept trying to remove his head from his shoulders, including one sequence where he even clobbered him with an illegal blow to the head while he was on his knees.

Things were getting out of hand, and after 13 headshots in total, the gym’s coach called off the challenge to put Bamforth out of his misery.

Several months later Bamforth continues to post weekly challenges on his channel, but thankfully for the sake of his health, he’s not returned to the ring.

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