YouTuber organizes punching competition at boxing gym – gets KO’d

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A wannabe Youtube star got way more than he bargained for when he organized a punching competition at a boxing gym.

Gary, the owner of the Eyepeal Videos channel, which specializes in ‘Jackass’ style pranks, challenges, and stunts, went to the 12th Ave. Boxing gym in Tucson, Arizona earlier this year and asked three boxers to join him in a punching competition.

The rules were simple. The four men would stand within two small squares marked out in the ring and take turns to punch their opponent with a hook to the head.

If a fighter fell out of their square, was knocked out or quit then they would lose, with the winner earning themselves $20 and moving to the next round.

A young fighter Arturo was drawn first in the contest against a much older, far heavier opponent, Jimmy.

The two fighters both withstood their opponents first blow, but then Arturo’s second attempt rocked his elder adversary, leaving him dazed and wobbling over to the ropes to steady himself.

Then it was the Youtuber Gary’s turn as he was drawn against the youngest, lightest boxer, Sam.

It’s at this stage that things went pear-shaped for the overly-enthusiastic Gary as Sam proceeded to knock him out cold with his first punch, sending him toppling backward to the canvas in slow motion, slamming into the ring ropes on the way down with a frozen expression of shock on his face.

The dizzy YouTuber wobbled back to his feet afterward and failed to redeem himself with his own punch, and seemed to have no idea that he’d knocked out just moments before, asking the others, “did I step outside the first time?”

Gary took his humiliating KO in good spirits and it was onto the final, which was a clear mismatch, with Arturo being the significantly bigger fighter, and his first punch put Sam down on one knee and forced him to tap out.

Needless to say, punching competitions like this are a terrible idea, unless you have a desire to get a concussion, lose brain cells, and permanently weaken your chin!

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