Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Boy, can this little kid throw a mean hook.

The following footage takes place inside an elementary school. Children are playing, being silly and all around having fun. A normal scene. Well, almost normal, when you take the time to have a closer look at what’s happening…

8-year-old kid puts an end to bullying with brutal punch
8-year-old kid puts an end to bullying with brutal punch

A little kid wearing a blue t-shirt can be seen shoving around a crying kid dressed in black. It makes little doubt that the scene is an instance of bullying, as the kid’s tears strongly suggest. It’s obvious he is fed up by the other kid’s bullying. He cannot take it anymore. Now, the reasonable reaction in this kind of situation would’ve been to call an adult for help, and the kid definitely should’ve done that.

Instead, he opted for a much more violent reaction. To be honest, I kind of even feel a little bit for the bully.

The bullied kid turns over after having been shoved and proceeds to immediately throw a MEAN right hook… How can a little kid like him be even able to pack so much power?! The bully in the blue shirt immediately stops the harassment, unsurprisingly.

The bullied kid, crying, can be seen yelling and touching his throat; he likely got hurt when the bully was pushing him around. The other kids in the room ask the bullied kid why he punched the bully; while it’s easy to see why, it makes no doubt that the bullied kid’s reaction was not the more appropriate.



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