Bully picks a fight and is brutally embarassed

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bullying is a tough reality for a lot of kids out there and is a hard part of growing up. Bullying can of course occur in adulthood as well but it is much more prevalent in kids as they are often too young to know any better.

It looks like the bully in this YouTube video might know better in the future after being brutally embarrassed by someone who clearly knew what they were doing.

According to the video description “The basic story is that the one in just the blue shirt who throws first was a bully, everyone thought he was tough, he picked on this quiet kid and it massively backfired, shortly after the video ends the bully walked back over to the victim again but walks back off as he could barely stand after that knee.”

Though the bully is small, bullies can come in all shapes and sizes. It is not always the big guys throwing their weight around. The bully in this video first tries to intimidate the quiet kid then throws a cowardly sucker punch. It is not clear if the punch landed or not as the quiet kids arm came up to block it very fast, indicating a likely martial arts background.

Realizing he has a fight on his hands and has to defend himself, the quiet kid rushes forward then grabs the bully’s head in a Thai clinch. He then delivers a couple of brutal, Anderson Silva-esque knees to his aggressors head, dropping him to the ground.

The quiet kid, showing a lot of class despite the bully’s cowardly actions, grabs a hold of him to restrain him instead of continuing to beat on him. He even tells the bully to “walk away” before you see an adult intervene at the end and the video cuts out.

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