Trashing talking bully gets a rude awakening

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Bullies, no one likes them, but unfortunately bullying has become a routine part of life whether it’s in school, work, the street or even in professional fighting.

One common thing bullies do is relentlessly talk trash to their victim over and over with the intention of sparking some kind of reaction so that they can then further fulfil their own inflated and fragile ego.

Some victims end up playing the trash talking game and sometimes get into a vicious war of words for better or worse which a bully will relish. But some people are able to just let the words roll right over their shoulders and think nothing of it, which surprisingly can frustrate the bully a lot as they realize they’re not getting the reaction they desire and can cause the bully to increase their aggressive behavior, and this brings us to the following bullying clip.

In the following clip two young men of Chilean descent who are having some words with each other. The guy without the shirt is doing a majority of the trash talking as the man with the shirt is doing his best to simply ignore the bully and not let the taunts get to him.

With things getting a bit more tense and the bully not getting much out of a reaction from his victim, he then resorts to sticking his finger in the victims ear and things take a turn for the worse.


Immediately the man with no shirt unloads reacts with a massive left hand and follows up with a barrage of heavy punches putting the bully on his ass. Although the bully gets up, he proceeds to get dropped multiple times having no answer for the strikes being thrown his way and onlookers eventually breakup the skirmish.

That’ll teach him!

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