6-year-old ‘baby Bruce Lee’ displays amazing skills

Friday, February 03, 2017

Ryusei Imai, also known as baby Bruce Lee, is a 6-year-old from Japan who has some amazing skills at his disposal that he shows off in the following video from popular YouTube channel Muscle Madness.

His movements and skills both unarmed and with the nunchuks are very impressive to say the least, especially for someone that young. The amount of discipline and patience required to get that good at those moves is very rare in kids that age.

Even for an adult to get to the level of skill and technique this kid has with these moves it would be impressive, let alone a 6 year old.

You also see him working with legendary martial artist Dan Inosanto in one of the clips which makes perfect sense given Inosanto’s longtime history with Bruce Lee himself. Dan Inosanto was a very close friend and training partner of the late Bruce Lee and surely he gave the young Ryusei Imai some tips on how to emulate all his idol’s various moves perfectly.

Towards the end of this video we see some of the training that young Ryusei Imai goes through including some stability and control drills using a chair as well as some nice looking shadowboxing where he shows off some excellent looking kicking techniques. His wheel kick technique in particular is actually very good for anybody and even superior to some MMA fighters.

You also get to see his physique later in the video and it is very impressive for a child and similar to the build of Bruce Lee where he’s muscular as well as very lean.

It’s scary to imagine what this kid will be like when he’s fully grown and matured, as long as he keeps up his regimen. Perhaps he may even get into MMA when he’s older which would be interesting to see.

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