Alleged Kung Fu practitioner fights in backyard grudge match

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fighting outside of a gym or ring in an unsanctioned fight is never a smart thing to do and can potentially end quite badly for all involved.

In this video, we see two guys making that mistake and settling their differences in a backyard brawl and though it luckily didn’t end badly for either, as neither are very skilled, the potential for injury is always there.

Just look at the ‘arena’ where this ‘fight’ is taking place in. Yeah sure, fighting on grass is at least better than pavement but look just behind them. A paved sidewalk and the brick wall of a house can cause a serious injury during a slam or attempted takedown, or if someone gets dropped and hits their head.

Remember the famous words of one of the unfortunate backyard opponents of the late, great Kimbo Slice – “Watch out for that metal thing!”

Though there doesn’t appear to be any ‘metal things’ in this video, there are plenty of dangers and obstacles and in a physically intense situation like a fist fight, you can run into them, whether or not you intended to.

The only decent move the so-called Kung Fu lands is his opening low kick but the rest of this fight is controlled by his opponent on the ground, where his very rudimentary grappling skills end up making the difference.

This fight, while being contested by two very low-level guys, is still a good example of the importance of grappling skills. Even though his skills in that department are very limited, just having some grappling ability at all places you at a tremendous advantage over someone with zero grappling know how.

If he really was skilled in grappling he would have finished that choke as soon as he had the Kung Fu guy’s back but because he doesn’t really know how to hand fight, it took him quite a while before he finally got the tap.

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