Bruce Lee’s top 10 Best kicks

Thursday, April 06, 2017

It’s a testament to the enduring impact that Bruce Lee had in his 32-years on this planet that even well over four decades after his death, he’s still a source of endless fascination for people of all ages.

This video compiles ten of Lee’s best ever kicks from his iconic movies, and seeks to highlight how many of them are actually inspired by animals, with the movements of the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane being at the very foundation of Chinese martial arts.

Lee’s first began his journey into the martial arts under the tutelage of another legendary figure, Ip-Man, who was a grandmaster of Wing Chun – a form of Kung Fu.

The legend goes that the art was created when a Shaolin Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. Who taught a Chinese woman named Yim Wing-Chun a form of Kung Fu inspired by her observations of a fight between a snake and a crane that helped her defeat a warlord in a one-on-one battle.

Lee became an expert in Wing Chun and when he eventually moved to America he began teaching what he called Jun Fan Gung Fu (Bruce Lee Kung Fu) and later opened up his own martial arts school.

Of course he would then go on to become an international TV and movie star, but while he captivated millions with his mastery of martial arts, his physicality and screen presence, true devotees of Lee revere him for his mind as much as his muscle.

During his rise to fame, Lee still managed to devote time to creating his own fighting style, ‘Jeet Kune Do’ with the intention of breaking away from the traditional martial arts, which he felt were too rigid and formalized to be truly effective in a street-fight situation.

Lee’s system embraced a more scientific approach and combined elements of Kung Fu along with other fighting styles like western boxing and fencing, with the aim being to create “the style of no style” that would enable a fighter to “be like water” and adapt to any situation.

As such, these days Lee is often viewed as having been ahead of his time and foreshadowed the creation of modern-day mixed martial arts.

With all that being said though, sometimes it’s just fun to sit back and watch the irreplaceable Bruce Lee figure beat up bad guys with some of the most spectacular kicks every seen on the big screen!

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