Challenge match – Jiu-Jitsu vs Kung Fu

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kung fu, while the term is often used incorrectly, is actually not a martial on its own but more of an umbrella term referring to all martial arts of Chinese origin. Kung fu practitioners therefore usually train in one particular Chinese martial art such as wushu or wing chun if not multiple different arts.

Chinese martial arts usually have a lot in common which is why the term kung fu can refer to many different arts. They tend to use circular movement (versus linear movement seen in Japanese traditional arts such as karate). Many different styles are also based on animals and their movements such as ‘tiger claw’ or ‘monkey fist’.

Studying Chinese martial arts can be a great way to study Chinese history and culture but are they practical fighting and self-defense systems?


In this YouTube video we see a kung fu practitioner of unknown specification taking on a BJJ player in a classic challenge match. Now BJJ is obviously a highly practical and effective martial art, probably THE most effective in both self defense and high level competition. Kung fu is just not as proven.

This video is further proof that there is much lacking in kung fu. It is hard to tell what the belt level of the BJJ practitioner is but it doesn’t look black – more likely purple or brown.

The kung fu guy does land a pretty good punch at the beginning though but is then quickly taken down and submitted. However, it is nice to see that there is some level of respect at the end when the defeated kung fu guy seems to ask about the damage his punch caused.

Though traditional arts seldom do well against skilled opponents they still have benefits. Traditional martial arts can teach respect, discipline and confidence which benefit you in all aspects of life not just fighting.

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