Saturday, February 03, 2018

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art that specializes in close range combat and is well-known for being one of the legendary Bruce Lee’s original martial arts, but could it be effective in the hands of a woman?

Many people seem to forget that apparently Wing Chun was actually developed by a woman, allegedly. According to legend, Yim Wing Chun, who was trained in Shaolin kung fu by her father, created the style after being inspired by a fight between a snake and a crane and subsequently used the new style to defeat a local bully who was trying to force her into marriage.

While the accuracy of the legend is debatable at best, in this video from YouTube channel
Philip Hartshorn – The Phil Up, we find out if Wing Chun can actually be effective in the hands of a woman like the legend suggests.

Does Wing Chun work for women?
Does Wing Chun work for women?

In the video below, Wing Chun practitioner, Philip Harshorn, alongside his gorgeous assistant, model Conchita Mercedes Garcia, go over some of the finer details of the art as well as some common real-life fight situations for women where Wing Chun techniques could be applied.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself if Wing Chun can be an effective form of self-defense for a woman or even for a man for that matter.

Wing Chun (traditional Chinese: 詠春) is a traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu martial art specializing in close range combat. It is one of the most famous styles in wushu. It is known for being economical, direct and efficient. Wing Chun teaches practitioners to advance quickly and strike at close range. While the Wing Chun forward kick can be considered a long range technique, many Wing Chun practitioners practice “entry techniques”—getting past an opponent’s kicks and punches to bring them within range of Wing Chun’s close range repertoire. This means that theoretically, if the correct techniques are applied, a shorter person with a shorter range can defeat a larger person by getting inside their range and attacking them close to their body. [Source: Wiki]

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