Drunken Kung Fu fighter in MMA style fight

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Drunken kung fu is a style of Chinese martial arts that imitate the movements of a drunkard. Now, the main advantage of this style is in it’s unpredictability as well as it’s ability to disguise attack. But how would it do against a modern MMA practitioner?

In this video we get to see how it plays out – a drunken kung fu practitioner takes on a MMA fighter and it is actually quite competitive while it lasts. Though the MMA fighter looks pretty green, it is still quite impressive to see a kung fu guy hang with modern MMA on any level.

The video title makes reference to the MMA guy being a ‘pankration’ practitioner but that is most likely referring to a style of MMA (as seen employed by MMA trainer Matt Hume) and not the ancient Greek martial art.

Early on we see the kung fu guy is able to work his way out of an arm bar, much to the crowd’s delight. Also, his unorthodox movements seem to be present some different problems for his opponent over the course of this bout.

Though the drunken kung fu guy does not end up winning, his performance was nonetheless impressive. MMA fighters usually make quick work out of kung fu guys so he didn’t do too bad here considering.

Zui Quan (drunken fist) is a general name for all the styles of Chinese martial arts that imitate a drunkard. It is an ancient style and its origins are mainly traced back to the famous Buddhist and Daoist sects. The Buddhist style is related to the Shaolin temple while the Daoist style is based on the Daoist tale of the drunken Eight Immortals. Zui quan has the most unusual body movements among all styles of Chinese martial arts. Hitting, grappling, locking, dodging, feinting, ground and aerial fighting and all other sophisticated methods of combat are incorporated. [Source: Wiki]

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