Jiu-Jitsu white belt vs. Kung fu fighter

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Kung fu, while often mistaken as being a martial art of its own, is actually an umbrella term for Chinese martial arts. With that being said however there are some characteristics which Chinese martial arts or kung fu share such as wide circular movements and it’s use of the chi system which is also seem in Chinese medicine.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the other is a much more practical martial art. It focuses on grappling using leverage and technique to beat your opponent, regardless of size. BJJ came to prominence in the first UFC in 1993 when Royce Gracie used it to beat all comers despite being the smallest man in the tournament.

It is quite obvious for those in the know how a fight would go between a BJJ player and a kung fu practitioner. But what if that BJJ practitioner was only a white belt? And say he was taking on someone with several years experience in kung fu?

The following YouTube video shows that same scenario playing out.

When the match begins the BJJ practitioner takes his opponent to the ground immediately. He goes to mount then locks up an arm bar but the kung fu guy surprisingly doesn’t tap. Perhaps there is something to that extreme body conditioning type of stuff they do.



They are then restarted to their feet, they touch gloves which is nice to see. Surprisingly enough, shortly thereafter the BJJ guy decides to test his stand up and drops the kung fu with a nice right hand. He’s given a chance to recover and the action starts again. The BJJ guy goes for an arm bar again on the ground but again he runs out of round time.

The fight ends in the third round after the BJJ guy takes him down once again and quickly submits him with the rear naked choke.

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