Kung fu master amazes in Taekwondo tournament

Sunday, December 18, 2016

More often than not, Kung fu or Chinese martial arts in general tend to not do so well against other trained martial artists in competition. This may be due to several reasons.

For one, there is just not a whole lot of competitive outlets for kung fu practitioners nor is it really a competitive martial art to begin with. Also the technique and training methods seem to be a little outdated but that most likely varies from school to school.

However, much like how we love to root for the underdog, many of us want to see kung fu perform well in competition and show off the kind of moves that we love to see in kung fu movies. Though many of those extravagant moves just don’t work like we’d like them to against another skilled competitor. Or do they?


In this YouTube video we see notable kung fu master Ehsan Shafiq compete in a taekwondo tournament and ends up pulling off a crazy move that looks like something you’d only see in a kung fu movie – and an over the top one at that!

The kung fu fighter is the one in the red headgear and as soon as the match begins it’s pretty obvious he’s not a normal taekwondo practitioner. He is very creative with his attacks and even attempts a drop kick which may or may not be allowed in taekwondo competition.

The real story of this match though is the final kick he’s able to land which I’m not even sure has a name. Similar to Conor McGregor’s tornado kick at first but that’s only the set up for the actual kick. He uses that to distract his opponent then comes around with a sneaky wheel kick that ends the match in brutal fashion.

This video really proves that it’s not always about the martial art itself but more to do with the practitioner.

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