Kung Fu master turns chopsticks into bullets for world record attempt

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Chinese martial artists have been known to achieve some astonishing feats, such as smashing iron bars on their head, suspending themselves on sharp spears, smashing concrete with their bare hands and even balancing their entire bodies on just two fingers.

Following up on the nut cracking nunchucks Guinness world record, we now take a look at a world record that’ll make you look at your chopsticks a lot differently the next time you’re eating.

In the following video from the Guinness World Records special in Beijing back in 2008, martial artist Yang Zhengqing attempts to set the world record for the most chopsticks thrown at and successfully piercing metal basins inside of just sixty seconds.

For each attempt to count, the chopstick must pierce a hole right through the basin.


Will this martial artist stick it to the record holders and make history? Check out the full record attempt below.

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