Kung fu practitioner takes on MMA fighter in NHB bout

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Kung fu or Chinese martial arts may look cool in martial arts movies but is it an effective fighting style against a skilled opponent?

The term kung fu though is a bit of a misnomer however as it is not really a martial art of its own nor is it really a martial arts term. According to wikipedia, the term kung fu actually means any discipline or skill learned from hard work or practice. Wushu is actually a more apt term for Chinese martial arts but to most people especially in the western world ‘kung fu’ means Chinese martial arts.


The Chinese martial artist in this YouTube video is quite clearly in over his head. His opponent’s style is a mix of muay thai and wrestling which is a actually very effective combination.

If you just train in striking based martial arts, even at the highest levels, you are always susceptible to being taken down and either pounded out or submitted by a good grappler. But with wrestling skills as well in your repertoire you are able to dictate where the fight takes place. You can use wrestling skills defensively to keep the fight standing or you can use it offensively to take your opponent down to end it quick.

In this YouTube video we see the MMA fighter easily dispatch the outmatched kung fu practitioner. Early on we see the kung fu guy throw a few feints but eats a couple leg kicks before being taken down. He is able to get back to his feet momentarily though where he lands a few glancing punches.

The MMA fighter then picks him up and slams him down hard right on his head. From there he gets his hooks in and easily gets the rear naked choke and his over matched opponent is forced to tap out or black out.

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