Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Although claiming to not be that great of fighter or any type of professional martial artist, Dan Lok knows a thing or two when it comes to fighting and particularly punching.

Dan has studied with legendary martial artists such as Bruce Lee’s original student Ted Wong and Joe Lewis “The World’s Greatest Fighter”, making him a second generation student of Bruce Lee – in Bruce Lee’s authentic art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD). He’s also a third generation student of Ip Man (Wing Chun Kung Fu).

Basically, there is a good possibility that a prime Dan Lok could kick your ass. Here he talks about Bruce Lee’s favorite punching drill: punching paper.

The snapping punch is a fast, whip-like strike that makes quick contact with your target and snaps right back into the guard position.  It is the hallmark of Bruce Lee’s punching style. In Jeet Kune Do, the snapping punch is a full-body strike, not just a simple hand motion.

Bruce Lee would leap forward, stomping the ground with his lead leg at the same time that his snapping punch would make contact. To develop the snapping punch, practice throwing it against a piece of paper hanging from a string. Don’t try to put too much power into the strike; just try to develop the snap. The idea is to hang paper and hit it with a 1 to 2-inch penetration and a lot of snap.  It teaches you to snap you punch instead of pushing it.

So check out the video below as Dan not only explains the premise and purpose behind this drill but also expounds upon the perfect way to utilize this drill.

(H/T Dan Lok)

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