Martial arts legends Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan in realistic simulation

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Back in 1969, a simulated ‘Super Fight’ was filmed between heavyweight champions Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano in order to determine who the greatest heavyweight champion of all time was.

Every possible scenario was filmed and was then input into a computer to determine what the likely result was going to be. There was one version where Marciano won, and another where Ali won.

Thanks to the advances in computer technology and graphics, simulations nowadays are thankfully much better like we see in the following video.

In this video, we see a simulated fight between two legends of the martial arts world – Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

To many martial arts enthusiasts, this would be an easy fight for Bruce Lee who is greatly venerated and rightfully so. However, Chan himself is also very well-versed in martial arts and has trained in Kung Fu, Hapkido, as well as Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and even in Bruce Lee’s own martial art of Jeet Kune Do.

Jackie Chan is also the much larger man who would outweigh the legendary Bruce Lee by a substantial margin.

Bruce Lee would have a tremendous speed advantage and despite the size disadvantage, would probably still be the favorite. But to completely count out Jackie Chan, particularly a young Jackie Chan as we see in the video, would be a mistake.

Check out the video below to see who wins.

Both men come from backgrounds in Chinese martial arts but that is just about where the similarities end between the two. They both have very different, distinctive fighting styles about them as well as very different personalities that come across in their many excellent films.

Bruce Lee is much more stoic and philosophical while Jackie Chan is more silly yet still has some great moves as we can see in the video above.

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