Master Ken explains why Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch is bulls**t

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch is one of his most well-known moves, but is it actually a legitimate technique?

In this video from Master Ken, he breaks down why he doesn’t think it is a legitimate technique and shows his own version of the move called the ‘3-inch pinch’ which he believes to be superior.

From a striking standpoint, the one-inch punch doesn’t seem to make much sense. No legitimate striker is going to let you put your hand one inch away from them in any sort of combat situation than wait for you to one inch punch them.

Also, if you are able to put your hand one inch away from them in the first place, then it seems you could easily deliver a full power, correctly thrown strike from all the way back.

It just doesn’t seem to make much sense and seems to be much more of a parlor trick than anything, unfortunately.

Now, that shouldn’t take anything away from Bruce Lee whose place in the history of martial arts is firmly cemented. It was just a different time and if anything it shows he was experimenting and trying to come up with new stuff.

Also, from a training perspective, perhaps practicing to generate power in a short distance could be an effective training tool that would increase your overall punching power, but that is just speculation.

In the video below with Master Ken, we see him first demonstrate the one-inch punch before breaking down his own version called the 3-inch pinch.

The move involves engaging your gluteal muscles as well as your hips to essentially ‘bone’ your opponent as Master Ken refers to it as. According to Master Ken, the 3-inch pinch can be used to escape from a bear hug and other similar grabs/holds but to be frank it is probably even less effective than Bruce’s one-inch punch, unfortunately.

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