Master Wong says do not punch in a street fight – here’s why

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wing chun is a concept based style of Chinese martial arts that focuses on self defense applications. It specializes in striking techniques, particularly the rapid fire ‘chain punching’ maneuver but it also includes some basic grappling techniques too. It is the martial art where Bruce Lee first got his start before creating his own martial arts style of Jeet Kune Do which Lee called ‘the style without a style.’

In this video from the eccentric Chinese martial arts expert Master Wong, he demonstrates how to defend yourself in a street fight against someone with a heavy striking based attack.

Master Wong stresses the important of always keeping your hands up to defend against head punches, but you also have to watch out for the head kick which can be a devastating technique if it lands.

Wong also explains the importance of movement as well as how to absorb and deflect the incoming strikes. Simply blocking isn’t enough and you have to either deflect the strike or move with it to minimize the damage as well as set up your countering opportunities.

Master Wong concludes by furthering explaining the importance of covering up but also it is imperative that you just don’t stand there and take it. You have to move away from the barrage to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

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