Master Wong shows how to defend against a bully pushing you

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A common tactic for the schoolyard bullies out there is the standard push/shove which usually isn’t intended to hurt you but more so to intimidate and humiliate you.

This video from the eccentric Chinese martial arts expert, Master Wong, has your back, though, and shows you how to defend against this type of attack and how to give the bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Master Wong’s defense to this technique is a counter-attack that involves sort of parrying away your opponent’s shove then simultaneously hitting them with an elbow strike to the solar plexus.

Wong further explains that if your attacker continues to press even after the elbow strike, you can use the same arm you elbowed him with to frame and maintain distance from your attacker so he can’t grab ahold of you.

Master Wong's cool defense to a bully pushing you
Master Wong’s cool defense to a bully pushing you

Compared to many other of Master Wong’s techniques, this is one of the better ones I reckon and could perhaps very well work against an unskilled attacker, which the vast majority of bully types are going to be.

Also in this video, the colorful Master Wong gives us some tips on how to defend ourselves while also staying out of trouble which is important as most schools nowadays have a zero tolerance policy for violence and usually do not care who started it.

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