Master Wong shows how to fight someone MUCH bigger and stronger

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fighting someone bigger and stronger is a popular topic in martial arts and in this video from the colorful Master Wong, he shows you how to do just that.

Master Wong is a practitioner of several Chinese martial arts including Wing Chun (his primary focus) as well as Tai Chi and Jeet Kune Do. He is very popular on YouTube where he has a ton of videos plus over 1 million subscribers.

The maneuver that is covered in this video is the defense against a slap to the head from someone bigger than you. Master Wong recommends first blocking the slap then following in up with a head butt to the body.

Now, it may make for a humorous video but in reality that probably isn’t going to be the best move. A headbutt to the body of someone who wishes to harm you (even if just a slap) isn’t going to finish them off and if your opponent knows what they are doing you are literally giving them your neck which they can then use to choke you.

Towards the end of the video though, Master Wong recommends following up the headbutt with a knee to the groin as well as an elbow strike which are both probably slightly better options.

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