Mini Bruce Lee with extraordinary nunchucks skills

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

How many of us can say we used nunchucks like Bruce Lee when we were five years-old?

Watch the video below to see Ryuji Imai’s astounding knack for the art of nunchaku displayed in front of 4,300 people at Ganryujima, a martial arts event in Japan last year.

With kung-fu training from his father and a yellow jumpsuit, this reincarnation of Bruce Lee has become a viral sensation in Asia due to his ability to mimic Lee’s speed – move for move.

Mini Bruce Lee with extraordinary nunchucks skills
Mini Bruce Lee with extraordinary nunchucks skills

Nunchaku is a Japanese contact sport taught by organizations such as the World Amateur Nunchaku Organization and also the term used for the weapon.

It was popularized by Bruce Lee in many of his movies, including Game of Death. defines nunchucks (nunchaku) as “a Japanese hand weapon for defense against frontal assault, consisting of two foot-long hardwood sticks joined by a chain or thick cord that stretches to body width.”

MMA stars like Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Nick Diaz use them in their free time and/or as a training tool. And they are still used today by the police as a form of non-lethal force.

According to, “officers will most often use the nunchucks as a clamping device to pinch the leg or wrist of a defiant suspect. The intense pain will prompt the suspect to surrender to an arresting officer.”

As one Chuck Norris fact states, “Chuck Norris put the ‘chuck’ in nunchucks.” Thus, they are considered dangerous and illegal in some jurisdictions.

For example, the state of New York bans the possession of them in homes. While the nunchucks used by Ryuji might be foam, that does not make them or him any less dangerous.

He is a true mini-dragon in every sense of the word.