MMA fighter on a mission to expose “fake martial artists”

Monday, September 04, 2017

Earlier this year, a video of a fight between an MMA fighter and a Tai Chi master went viral. In the video, the MMA fighter absolutely pummeled the Tai Chi master in about 10 seconds which for most of us really came as no surprise. But for many traditional Chinese martial artists, it was incredibly offensive.

Highlighted in this video from VICE News is the backstory behind the MMA fighter from that viral video, named Xu Xiaodong, including what he had to deal with after that fight video went viral.

As we all know, martial arts are a very important part of Chinese history and culture. That’s probably why Xiaodong’s pummeling of the Tai Chi master created so much controversy and landed him in such hot water. Following the release of the video which clearly struck a nerve with many in China, the MMA fighter Xiaodong was forced into hiding.

While Xiaodong’s demolishing of the Tai Chi master served as a reality check for many traditional martial artists out there, we see another side of the MMA fighter in this video.

He doesn’t appear to show any remorse or humility for what happened and appears rather brash about it all which doesn’t really help his cause. Though on the other hand, after all, he had to deal with following the fight which was mutual, it is really no surprise that he appears defensive, which the video makes note of as well.

According to the video, Xiaodong was preparing for another fight against another traditional martial artist when this video was filmed, but that other fight never ended up coming to fruition.

As for Xiaodong, nowadays he seems to be much more of a businessman than a fighter. He owns several MMA gyms across China and focuses much more on organizing and promoting fights but still seems committed to his original mission of exposing ‘fake’ martial artists.

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