Old man claims to have trained 30 years in martial arts – challenges MMA fighter

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

There seems to be a recent trend going on in China right now where practitioners of traditional Chinese martial arts are challenging legitimate fighters like kickboxers and MMA fighters and it never goes well for them.

In this video from the Xiaodong gym in China, we see it happen again, unfortunately, as an older Kung Fu practitioner challenges an MMA fighter to a fight and it gets pretty brutal.

According to the video description,

Latest in the Xu Xiao Dong saga: Old guy claims to have over 30 years experience in Martial Arts, including challenging over 300 schools. Comes to Xu Xiao Dong’s gym in his thermal underwear and gets knocked out three times by Xu’s student.

As the description points out, the Kung Fu guy is wearing some weird sort of thermal underwear which doesn’t seem to be traditional Kung Fu attire so maybe he’s just some crazy guy.

Kung Fu practitioner challenges MMA fighter - someone goes down
Kung Fu practitioner challenges MMA fighter – someone goes down

It’s kind of hard to tell, though, as he performs just about the same as every other traditional Chinese martial artist does in these type of videos, which is very poorly.

This recent trend of traditional artists challenging modern MMA fighters is clearly not going well for the traditionalists. While perhaps on some level, you’ve got to respect their bravery for just the attempt, but they just don’t have the skills necessary to compete with modern MMA fighters or kickboxers and one of these guys may get seriously hurt one day.

We see in the video below, the old Kung Fu man gets absolutely pummeled to the ground as soon as the fight begins and that should have been the end of it there. But the organizers allow it to keep going and the guy gets dropped twice more right after.

Check out the above video to see for yourself what happens when a Kung Fu practitioner fights an MMA fighter.

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