Tiger style Kung Fu tested vs. real tiger

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tiger style kung fu is said to be powerful and aggressive style of Chinese martial arts that is based off of the movements of a real life tiger. It is also said to be very intense and external when compared to other styles of Chinese martial arts which tend to be more internal.

The primary weapon used in tiger style kung fu is the tiger claw strike which is pretty much an open palm strike like a tiger uses to attack it’s prey. Now the main issue with this kind of technique is that the human hand is very different than a tiger’s so striking like one doesn’t make much sense. It also seems like you would probably break your finger’s trying to strike like that in a real fight.

On the other hand though, kung fu practitioners and other traditional martial artists are known to practice hand and finger strengthening exercises so perhaps that helps in developing their tiger claw strike.

In this video from National Geographic’s Fight Science, they test the power of a kung fu practitioner’s tiger claw strike and see how the power compares to that of an actual tiger.

The kung fu practitioner’s name is Bren Foster. He is a black belt and instructor and he looks to be quite muscular and in shape for a traditional martial artist.

The tiger’s strike is tested first by the Fight Science crew and it clocks in at an amazing 1400 pounds of force! That is going to be tough for the kung fu practitioner to beat or even compare to so let’s see how he does.

Amazingly enough the kung fu practitioner clocks in at 2600 pounds of force which is more than double what the real life tiger did. An important point made towards the end though is that the tiger was just playing around, not trying to deliver maximum force which the experts estimate would be over 10000 pounds.

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