Vietnamese police undergo extreme and bizarre training

Friday, March 17, 2017

Working in law enforcement anywhere in the world is a highly dangerous, stressful job. Any sort of martial arts training is going to come in handy and is usually apart of the training curriculum in order to become an officer.

In the following video we see some of the training that police in Vietnam undergo and it is quite bizarre compared to the type of self-defense training that police undergo in the west.

Early on in the video they are smashing bricks placed on the officer’s body with a hammer. Now this definitely shows that they are tough but not much else.

After that they are placed on board with nails on it then a heavy rock is placed over top of them to weigh them down. Then like before, they then smash the rock with a sledge hammer.

Perhaps the purpose of this type of training is to show the lengths that these people are willing to go through in order to become an officer of the law. Or perhaps it is simply a demonstration of toughness and ability to endure pain.

Whatever the case it doesn’t seem to be the most effective way to prepare officers for duty and typical self-defense training would be a lot more beneficial. Many law enforcement agencies in the west are even undergoing MMA and BJJ training nowadays as part of their curriculum and that can actually come in handy if they ever get in a situation where they have to defend themselves.

Of course police are trained to use their weapons and tools in situations opposed to fighting suspects hand to hand which would not be a good idea tactically as losing could mean your life.

Even just having martial arts training as a hobby though would be good for officers and anybody else with a stressful job as it can help them blow off stream as well as learn new skills in the process.

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