Wing Chun practitioner challenges Vietnamese martial artist to real fight

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just days after Wing Chun practitioner Pierre Francois Flores hit the headlines in Vietnam after KO’ing a local martial artist in a challenge match, video footage has emerged of the Canadian in another full-contact street fight several years ago.

This fight also took place in Vietnam back in 2009 when the Canadian had first visited the region looking to test his skills in full-contact, no-rules challenge matches with local fighters.

On this occasion, on he was facing Master Tuan Hac, a traditional Vietnamese martial artist who had been training for 13-years.

The fight took place in a suitably picturesque location outside a café at Thien Quang Lake in Hanoi, overlooking the water with two black SUV’s blocking off either side of the makeshift space set up for the two men to fight.

The fight got underway with Flores attempting a head kick, but it came up short.

A couple of awkward exchanges of strikes followed, then they move into the clinch, with Flores landing a couple of knees and right hooks.

Flores then suddenly fell to the floor, though it’s not clear from the angle shown if he had just lost his balance after another knee attempt, or if Hac had landed a punch.

Either way, Flores quickly got back up and was greeted by a knee, followed by another flailing exchange as bystanders shouted at the two fighters to stop.

The two combatants obliged, but then indicated they wished to continue the fight, and on the reset, Flores attempted a spinning back kick that failed to find the target.

Soon after, he surged forward with open-palmed strikes, but Hac retaliated, landing a knee to the body and then a left hook at close range, followed soon after by a right hook that floored Flores.

Flores unsteadily got back to his feet, but he was still rocked and clearly not fit to continue, so the fight was waved off, with Tuan Hac being declared the winner.

Eight years later on his current trip to Vietnam, Flores has indicated his interest in a rematch with Hac, blaming his prior loss on having experienced feelings similar to being drunk after accepting an invitation to drink coffee with his opponent at a nearby café prior to their fight.

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