Wing Chun practitioner mixes it up with heavyweight boxer John McDermott

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art focusing on close-range techniques and is perhaps best known for its rapid-fire ‘chain punching’ techniques.

While perhaps some aspects of Wing Chun may work in some situations against perhaps an unskilled attacker, there are still quite a few flaws that a legitimate striker like a boxer or Muay Thai practitioner would easily pick apart I’d reckon.

In this video, we see a Wing Chun practitioner mix it up, so to speak, with a professional heavyweight boxer named John McDermott.

McDermott has a 28-8 record as a professional and fought tough guys like Tyson Fury and Danny Williams in the career that saw him win the English Heavyweight title multiple times.

Wing Chun practitioner mixes it up with heavyweight boxer John McDermott
Wing Chun practitioner mixes it up with heavyweight boxer John McDermott

In the video below, we see the pair mostly focus on some clinching techniques which are quite a bit different in boxing than in MMA or in self-defense.

In boxing, the clinch is a relatively safe position that you can use to neutralize your opponent and is usually quickly separated by the referee. In MMA, however, or on the street, the clinch is far from safe and there is a lot of technique and danger there and if you do not know what to do you can very well be finished there.

Check out the video below to see how the Wing Chun dude does here against the much larger professional boxer, John McDermott.

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