Wing Chun vs. Vietnamese Karate challenge fight ends violently

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Canadian Wing Chun practitioner Pierre-Francois Flores created quite a stir in Vietnam last week when he arrived in the country to compete in a full contact fight with a local martial artist.

The 41-year-old Flores had originally planned to travel to Vietnam to challenge Huynh Tan Kiet, founder and grand master of Nam Huynh Dao, who he believed was a fraud due to the fact that claimed to use an electricity-channeling technique.

Kiet turned down the fight, but then traditional Vietnamese Karate practitioner Doan Bao Chau, offered to fight Flores instead.

Please don’t take this as a challenge but a martial art exchange, and of course in the spirit of friendship and martial arts,” Chau wrote to Flores.

Media interest in Vietnam led to talk about the legality of it, due to the fact it would be an unsanctioned, no-rules fight without any form of protection such as gloves or a gumshield.

In addition, Flores was also significantly younger and larger than Chau, standing stood 5ft 9” tall and weighing 200lbs, while Chau was only 5ft 3” tall and weighed 136lbs.

Ignoring those concerns, the two combatants secretly arranged to fight at a location in Hanoi on July 12th, 2017.

Chau began the fight with a side kick to the body. Flores retaliated with a hard leg kick, then a flurry of open-palmed strikes to the head and another kick.

”Are you sure you want to continue?” Flores enquired, to which Chau replied, “Yes, of course!”

A few more leg and body kicks followed from Chau, but that didn’t stop Flores from moving forward and unleashing another awkward looking series of open-handed strikes, followed by a knee to the head that staggered the smaller man and sent him falling to the floor.

Chau was dazed by the strike and the action was stopped momentarily, but he agreed to continue fighting soon afterward.

The fight didn’t go any better for him after the reset, however, with Flores landing a head kick, then dropping Chau again with an open-palmed strike, followed by a final kick to the face of his grounded opponent, which brought an end to the bout.

Despite the violent exchanges, there was no bad blood between the two men afterward and they spent the rest of the day together, complimenting each other on their respective skills.

However, while the deputy chairman of the Federation of Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts, Le Kim Hoa later noted that “from the perspective of a martial artist, I think the fight [between Flores and Chau] should not have been held since there was too big a difference in physical shape between the two masters.”

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