A brief look at giant sumo wrestlers after their careers are over

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The world of combative sports is full of thrilling highs and depressing lows, and although it is the champions that are the focus of attention, not many fans stop to think about the athletes who didn’t reach the pinnacle of their respective sport and what happens to them post career.

In the following short documentary VICE Sports dives into the world of professional Sumo wrestling and chats to some former Sumo wrestlers about how they have adjusted their lives in their retirement.

Unlike other combative sports like boxing or mixed martial arts, Sumo wrestling is only practiced professionally in its country of origin Japan, thus there are fewer opportunities available to its athletes to reach the top in comparison.

With the athletes having to live in a training stable, they undertake a highly strict routine for their training, diet and even their manner of dress in the hopes of one day becoming a Yokozuna; which is the highest rank in Sumo.

“I couldn’t become a champion Yokozuna in Sumo. I’ve entered the culinary world to make Chanko (Japanese stew). I want to be the best in Japan at this.” says former wrestler Katsushi Matsumoto who opened a restaurant after his career specializing in the very cuisine he consumed day in and day out in the Sumo stables.

Check out the rest of the interviews below.

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