Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The eye-watering way in which this sumo wrestling match was finished has to be seen to be believed!

The match took place in Nagoya in Japan back in 2013 and saw two sumo wrestlers from the top ‘Makuuchi’ division clash in the Dohyo.

The M10 ranked Chiyonokuni Toshiki from Mie Prefecture in Japan is the smaller of the two men here, but of course that’s all relative as he still comes in at 5ft 11½ inches tall and 304lbs.

However, Chiyonokuni looks like a child when compared to the hulking M9 Bulgarian, Aoiyama Kōsuke, who stands 6ft 3” tall and weighs in at a whopping 443lbs.

That being said, size isn’t everything in sumo wrestling, and Chiyonokuni demonstrated that in the opening moments of the match as he smartly executed a ‘hit and shift’, stepping out of Aoiyama’s reach as he came barreling forward, though his opponent just stopped short of going straight out of the Dohyo.

The two then clinched up and Chiyonokuni did his best to try and force his opponent over the edge, but to no avail.

Aoiyama then began to seize the momentum and backed Chiyonokuni up towards the opposite end of the Dohyo.

Chiyonokuni was in real danger here and so in desperation he decided to pull off an audacious move, skillfully executing a sukuinage (beltless throw), while simultaneously doing the splits!

It looked spectacular and it sent Aoiyama crashing to the ground, but Chiyonokuni’s victory would come at a cost as he injured himself in the process of throwing the giant from such a vulnerable stance.

After being wheelchaired out of the arena, Chiyonokuni was diagnosed with a torn thigh muscle, forcing him to bow out of the tournament and the injury would keep him out of action for some time afterwards.

Unfortunately, injuries have been an all too common occurrence for Chiyonokuni throughout his sumo career, but at the time of writing he is currently enjoying his highest ever rank of Maegashiri 1.

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