Pencak Silat vs. Pencak Silat in crazy bare-knuckle fight

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This bare knuckle match all the way from Java in Indonesia features two combatants who practice Indonesia’s native martial art of pencak silat.

Pencak silat, much like kung fu in China, is more of an umbrella term for Indonesian martial arts as a whole instead of being just one particular art. Of course there are some similarities you can see between different branches of pencak silat such as stance and movement, which this video is a good example of.

In this bare knuckle martial arts match, it is also obvious that one guy is quite a bit larger than his opponent. The big guy is the first to go down however from a take down, though he connects with a hard punch of his own right before doing so.

The smaller man is also able to take advantage of the take down by landing some solid ground and pound before they are separated and restarted back on their feet.

The bigger guy is then able to drop his smaller opponent with a big looping punch. It appears like he is the better boxer of the two – yet boxing is just a small part of what a martial art like pencak silat brings to the table. A big aspect of pencak as a style is using every part of the body to attack and being versatile in doing so.

In the third round you start to see the distinctive stance and movement of pencak silat from the smaller combatant. He is able to use it successful to disguise a kick which he lands hard.

The bigger guy is able to land another big punch but the smaller man charges at him shortly thereafter, successfully returning fire. The action then goes to the ground where the smaller man further displays his technical superiority by finishing his bigger opponent with a guillotine-type choke.

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