Sword fighting Granny has some serious skills

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

For most martial artists, their martial art is a life long learning experience. Usually their belief is that you can never stop learning and never stop improving.

Some martial arts are more physical and our harder to stay training in as you get older, like boxing, freestyle wrestling, or mixed martial arts. But some of the more traditional martial arts can be trained till much later in life, like sword fighting! India’s Meenakshi Amma is proving age is just a number when it comes to being proficient with a sword.

A 73-year-old grandmother in Kerala in Southern India has become a social media star after appearing in a video in which she demonstrated her martial arts prowess.

Now Meenakshi Amma is passing on her skills to a younger generation, including increasing numbers of girls who are learning how to defend themselves.

Filming: Crystal Visual Media
Editing: Richard Kenny
Translation: Samiha Nettikkara

[h/t: bbc.co.uk]

Meenakshi Amma talked to the BBC about her video going viral and her sword training: “I don’t see all these videos. Others say they can see me eveywhere: ‘You’re on TV’. I don’t make an effort to watch them. The children come and show me. Everyone asks me how am I so healthy and strong. Even though I’m seventy-three years old, they say I don’t seem like it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been doing Kalari ever since I was a child that I have this much power, energy, inner strength and stamina.”

Amma continued to talk about her role as an instructor: “After they become 10 or 12, their parents used to not let them come anymore. But it’s different now. It’s a time when girls can’t go out alone. So it’s essential that everyone, children, older people, mothers learn Kalari. I feel very, very happy that I am able to perform Kalari at my age. I pray to God all the time that I can continue to perform Kalarai in the future.”