Friday, February 03, 2017

Ninjas were around in Feudal Japan and were a type of covert ops or spies for their time. Compared to the samurai, ninjas were not concerned with things like honor and were more concerned with getting the job done with any sort of weapon that would work.

Many boys growing up had a ninja phase at some point and there is definitely a sort of romanticization that western culture has with the ninja – much of that is based on legends and folklore though, not actual fact.

The following video is based on fact however and breaks down the 10 deadliest weapons that ninjas used to accomplish whatever the task was – be it infiltration, sabotage, or assassination.

The first weapon on the list is the ‘ninjato’ which is pretty much the ninja equivalent of the samurai’s katana. The ninjato however is a more compact blade as well as more hastily made.

Also on the list is the ninja blowgun, officially called ‘Fukiya’. This gives the ninja’s some offense from range which they used to deliver poison darts with various effects.

A great mid range weapon that the ninjas possessed was the ‘kusarigama’. The kusarigama was pretty much two weapons in one – a sharp bladed sickle on one end and a heavy ball and chain on the other which can be used to whip around and strike someone from several meters away.

The most intimidating weapon from this video is probably the ‘tekko-kagi’ which are pretty much wolverine type claws that are worn over the hand. It is simply frightening to imagine the kind of damage that a ninja would be capable of delivering with this type of weapon in his hands.

Some more weapons seen on this list are the ‘kusari-fundo’, the iconic ‘shuriken’ (ninja stars), the ‘metsubushi’ – a type of ninja blinding powder, and the ‘kakute’ which are essentially brass knuckles plus a few others that may surprised you.

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